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Sunday, 5 September 2010

BBQs and Buns

Heres some I baked earlier

Oho ! Its a good day ! First off this morning , presented with pancakes fatly oozy with syrup and sharpened with lemon juice, and a tooth staining tannin-y mug of builders tea. Just The Thing ( on account of attending a wedding yesterday, and enjoying, shall we say, the refreshments). And this afternoon, its off to a bbq, for the sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hip hooray ! Thus also rather neatly avoiding doing any cooking myself today. Which I have to say is a welcome break, having had a kitchen intensive week. There was much to do ( and done) with a large order for a wedding, a large order for a christening, two cakes and over 130 cupcakes for supply to the coffee shop, each batch in a different style and flavour. Its been busy, good busy but busy. Which explains some of my curious lunch choices this week, cous cous with mashed avocado on top, soused with lemon juice and salt ( try it) and cold meatballs dipped in salad cream (cold fishfingers would have been better, alas) . Anything that was quick and easy really. Anyhoo, I'm rubbing my greedy little hands ( whilst I'm typing..)at the thought of the bbq to come . The Kind Friends hosting the happy event are no slouches in the kitchen, and I've eaten greedily and gratefully from their table previously - home grown tomatoes and strawberries, scallops, lamb roasted with rosemary and garlic, fresh baked bread, marinaded halloumi hot and squeaky, smooshed onto bread with good olive oil ( this wasn't all at the one meal, though I'd have no issue if it was). So like Harold Carter, I too expect to be shortly peering at Marvellous Things. Or was it wonderful things ? And thinking on, he was peering into a tomb. And a kitchen is nothing like a tomb. And further more, we'll be in the back garden, not the kitchen. So nothing like Harold Carter in fact. Sorry. Except for the Marvellous Things. Which I aim to be eating rather than just peering at. I'll stop now. Oh, except one last thing - when does a nugget become a goujon ? I was thinking about this the other day (seriously. I am heroically dull. Not like Harold Carter) I think it might be only when the Dark Art of Sales is involved. Because I'd buy ( and did in fact) sole goujons, but not sole nuggets. Are goujons a bit longer ? A sylph nugget ? I'll ask Harold.

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