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Monday, 20 December 2010

Happy Christmas


Nail the softest, lightest vanilla sponge recipe known to man
Order takeaways only ever as last resort
Re-acquaint with frighteningly expensive & complex juicer
swim . or walk. or something
stop apologizing for Radio 4 preoccupation
Admit growing interest in Gardeners Question Time
Admit also listen to Radio 2
Make good the things I let slide
Be less wasteful
Rejoice in M& S Christmas Tea and Coffee range, only ever to be drunk from my Christmas mug (had since I was 14, ceremoniously brought out every year)
Stop hiding dodgy folk music cds when friends visit
Work out deeply conflicted attraction to Andrew Marr
Watch all subtitled high brow films I have stored in Sky Plus. Dating back to 2008.
Make a bright white buttercream meringue icing. Not ivory. Grrr.
Stop backing the horse you know will never win. You won't win the long game, the short game or ever devise any strategy , or make any odds to go in your favour. Enough.
Really, enough.
Continue to be grateful for all the friends and family that made it through another year in good health and good humour
Remember those who didn't
Have a happy Christmas
And a very happy new year 

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