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Either eating it, cooking it or plotting it

Monday, 13 December 2010

What follows is a true story

Monday 6 Dec : asparagus, homemade meatballs, pasta
Tues 7 Dec : boiled eggs & toast
Weds 8 Dec : roast veg, potato & sausages, chunkily cut and roasted with garlic oil, chilli & herbs
Thurs 9 Dec: takeaway pizza, vegetarian.
Fri 10 Dec : East z East, for a curry. Manage only the starter, distracted by wine and conversation and wine and wine. Thankfully escorted home, eats tesco finest horseradish microwaveable mash with grated cheese. In bed.
Saturday 11 Dec : oven chips & hellmans mayo ( lunch). Make no sudden moves, keep eyes shaded, have to renege on long term plans for lovely dinner at lovely friends house as am foul and unlovely beast who got distracted by wine. Indian takeaway for one. Korma. Several pints of ribena. Soothing.Swear never again.
Sunday 12 Dec : Earle, Simon Rimmer's restaurant in Hale. Dear friends birthday and happy trip down memory lane as lived in Hale for a while. Poached chicken & chorizo to start, with shallot & sherry vinaigrette. Main of beer battered fish and chips, chunky tartar sauce. Cheeseboard to follow. Excellent, unfussy laid back meal. Cocktails and merlot and martinis and merlot and merlot..Sing Christmas songs. Early night. Never again.
Monday 13 Dec : A new dawn ! A new day ! A new life ! Blueberry probiotic yoghurt and fresh mango for breakfast. Lunch of fresh vegetable soup. Snacks of dried cranberries and a cereal bar. Been virtuous all day so one small glass of wine. Last episode of Any Human Heart to watch. Another glass of wine. 8pm, investigates fridge options. Find carrots. Dials takeaway. Pours wine.

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